Making History Digital Mthds

Making History: An Introduction to Digital Humanities Methods
Digital sources and methods have transformed the practice of history. In this half-credit course students will explore how new methods shape both scholars' access to and understanding of historical sources and stories about the past. Students will work in groups to create an original digital history project. With a focus on United States History, topics will include data, databases, the United States census, digitized and transcribed archival sources, podcasts, digital images, photographs, and maps. Students will learn the strengths and pitfalls of various methods, think critically about digital sources and versions of the past, and gain skills for future projects across the curriculum. No previous experience required. 1.5 hr. sem.
Does not count as a 100-level course for the HIST major
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HIST 0100

All Sections in Spring 2024, Midd First Half of Term

Spring 2024, Midd First Half of Term

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