Sections in Spring 2024, Midd First Half of Term

Spring 2024, Midd First Half of Term

HIST0100A-S24 Lecture (Morse)

Spring 2024

HIST0114A-S24 Lecture (Tropp)
HIST0114X-S24 Discussion (Tropp)
HIST0114Y-S24 Discussion (Tropp)
HIST0114Z-S24 Discussion (Tropp)
HIST0118A-S24 Lecture (Bennette)
HIST0120A-S24 Lecture (Kafumbe, Mitchell)
HIST0212A-S24 Lecture (Morsman)
HIST0212X-S24 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0212Y-S24 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0212Z-S24 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0215A-S24 Lecture (Mao)
HIST0225A-S24 Lecture (Mendoza)
HIST0225Y-S24 Discussion (Mendoza)
HIST0225Z-S24 Discussion (Mendoza)
HIST0236A-S24 Lecture (Ward)
HIST0242A-S24 Lecture (Burnham)
HIST0243A-S24 Lecture (Burnham)
HIST0243B-S24 Lecture (Burnham)
HIST0257A-S24 Lecture (Bennette)
HIST0303A-S24 Lecture (Clinton)
HIST0305A-S24 Seminar (Wyatt)
HIST0305B-S24 Seminar (Wyatt)
HIST0312A-S24 Seminar (Ward)
HIST0315A-S24 Seminar (Tropp)
HIST0316A-S24 Seminar (Mitchell)
HIST0321A-S24 Seminar (Barrow)
HIST0332A-S24 Lecture (Chaplin)
HIST0332Y-S24 Discussion (Chaplin)
HIST0332Z-S24 Discussion (Chaplin)
HIST0397A-S24 Lecture (Mao)
HIST0431A-S24 Seminar (Wyatt)
HIST0464A-S24 Seminar (Mendoza)
HIST0500B-S24 Independent Study (Armanios)
HIST0500D-S24 Independent Study (Barrow)
HIST0500E-S24 Independent Study (Bennette)
HIST0500F-S24 Independent Study (Burnham)
HIST0500G-S24 Independent Study (Clinton)
HIST0500H-S24 Independent Study (Davis)
HIST0500I-S24 Independent Study (Mao)
HIST0500J-S24 Independent Study (Mendoza)
HIST0500K-S24 Independent Study (Mitchell)
HIST0500L-S24 Independent Study (Morse)
HIST0500N-S24 Independent Study (Povitz)
HIST0500O-S24 Independent Study (Ralph)
HIST0500P-S24 Independent Study (Tropp)
HIST0500Q-S24 Independent Study (Ward)
HIST0500R-S24 Independent Study (Wyatt)
HIST0600A-S24 Seminar (Clinton)
HIST0700A-S24 Senior Work
HIST0700B-S24 Senior Work (Armanios)
HIST0700D-S24 Senior Work (Barrow)
HIST0700E-S24 Senior Work (Bennette)
HIST0700F-S24 Senior Work (Burnham)
HIST0700G-S24 Senior Work (Clinton)
HIST0700H-S24 Senior Work (Davis)
HIST0700I-S24 Senior Work (Mao)
HIST0700J-S24 Senior Work (Mendoza)
HIST0700K-S24 Senior Work (Mitchell)
HIST0700L-S24 Senior Work (Morse)
HIST0700M-S24 Senior Work (Morsman)
HIST0700N-S24 Senior Work (Povitz)
HIST0700O-S24 Senior Work (Ralph)
HIST0700P-S24 Senior Work (Tropp)
HIST0700Q-S24 Senior Work (Ward)
HIST0700R-S24 Senior Work (Wyatt)
HIST0701B-S24 Senior Work (Armanios)
HIST0701D-S24 Senior Work (Barrow)
HIST0701E-S24 Senior Work (Bennette)
HIST0701F-S24 Senior Work (Burnham)
HIST0701G-S24 Senior Work (Clinton)
HIST0701H-S24 Senior Work (Davis)
HIST0701I-S24 Senior Work (Mao)
HIST0701J-S24 Senior Work (Mendoza)
HIST0701K-S24 Senior Work (Mitchell)
HIST0701L-S24 Senior Work (Morse)
HIST0701M-S24 Senior Work (Morsman)
HIST0701N-S24 Senior Work (Povitz)
HIST0701O-S24 Senior Work (Ralph)
HIST0701P-S24 Senior Work (Tropp)
HIST0701Q-S24 Senior Work (Ward)
HIST0701R-S24 Senior Work (Wyatt)

Spring 2024, SA UGs Full Term

HIST2335OA-S24 Seminar (Study Abroad)
HIST2356A-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2424A-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad, Paoli)
HIST2424B-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2430A-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad, Paoli)
HIST2435A-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad, Paoli)
HIST2445A-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad, Paoli)
HIST2490A-S24 Independent Study (Study Abroad)
HIST2490B-S24 Independent Study (Study Abroad)
HIST2499A-S24 Independent Study (Study Abroad)
HIST2BOMOA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2BOMOB-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2BOMOC-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2BOPOA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CIIIA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CIIIB-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CIIIC-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CIIID-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CIIIE-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CIIIF-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CIIIG-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CORDA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2CORDB-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2ENUA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2PAR1A-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2PAR1B-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2PAR3A-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2POITA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2POITB-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2POITC-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2SCPOA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2SORBA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2SORBB-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2SORBC-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2SORBD-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2SORBE-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2SORBF-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2UAMA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2ULRA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2ULRB-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2UPCA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)
HIST2UPRRA-S24 Lecture (Study Abroad)