Chinese Pedagogical Grammar

Through lecture, discussion and practice teaching drills, this course will give students a more comprehensive understanding of the importance and function of Chinese grammar pedagogy, the basic theory of teaching Chinese as a second language and the foundational system of teaching grammar; By studying and mastering the basic principles, rules, teaching methods and strategies of Chinese grammar pedagogy, students will be able to use theories, rules and the scientific method of language analysis learned in class to guide the implementation of Chinese grammar pedagogy. Students will be highly capable of mastering knowledge of grammar, solving grammar problems and organizing grammar teaching activities. This course will train students to have scientific concepts, improve their ability to analyze and solve problems, to think logically, and to synthesize and put to use their knowledge.

This main content of the course includes: A comprehensive introduction of the basic theory of cognitive psychology in Chinese grammar instruction and the basic principles, links and models of grammar instruction. This course will explain and analyze in detail the focal points, nodi, acquisition errors and pedagogical tactics and other issues that include Chinese content words, function words, complements, syntactical structure, word order, complex sentences ;; comment and direct students’ practice drills of Chinese grammar; guide students in mastering and utilizing the method of examining and evaluating in grammar education, analyzing and assessing the student’s study of grammar and teacher’s pedagogical activities in grammar.
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CHNS 6504

All Sections in Summer 2010, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2010, LS 6 Week Session

CHNS6504A-L10 Lecture (Lu)