Catherine Ashcraft


Winter 2017

IPEC0500D-W17 Independent Study (Ashcraft)

Winter 2016

IPEC0500D-W16 Independent Study (Ashcraft)

Spring 2015

IPEC0500D-S15 Independent Study (Ashcraft)

Winter 2015

IPEC0500D-W15 Independent Study (Ashcraft)

Fall 2014

IPEC0500D-F14 Independent Study (Ashcraft)

Summer 2014 Sch of Environment, School of Environment Vermont

SENV3410A-L14 Practicum (Ashcraft, Trombulak)
SENV3451A-L14 Seminar (Ashcraft)

Spring 2014

ENVS0211A-S14 Lecture (Ashcraft)
ENVS0390A-S14 Lecture (Ashcraft)
ENVS0500Q-S14 Independent Study (Ashcraft)
ENVS0700Q-S14 Senior Work (Ashcraft)
IPEC0500D-S14 Independent Study (Ashcraft)
IPEC0700D-S14 Senior Work (Ashcraft)
PSCI0390A-S14 Lecture (Ashcraft)

Winter 2014

ENVS0700D-W14 Senior Work (Ashcraft)
IPEC0500D-W14 Independent Study (Ashcraft)
IPEC0700D-W14 Senior Work (Ashcraft)

Fall 2013

ENVS0380A-F13 Seminar (Ashcraft)
ENVS0401B-F13 Seminar (Ashcraft, Munroe)
ENVS0500N-F13 Independent Study (Ashcraft)
ENVS0700N-F13 Senior Work (Ashcraft)
IPEC0500D-F13 Independent Study (Ashcraft)
IPEC0700D-F13 Senior Work (Ashcraft)

Spring 2013

ENVS0401A-S13 Seminar (Ashcraft, Munroe, Trombulak)
ENVS0401Y-S13 Lab (Ashcraft, Munroe, Trombulak)
ENVS0401Z-S13 Lab (Ashcraft, Munroe, Trombulak)
ENVS0402A-S13 Seminar (Brayton, Ashcraft)
ENVS0500Q-S13 Independent Study (Ashcraft)
ENVS0700Q-S13 Senior Work (Ashcraft)
IGST0402A-S13 Seminar (Brayton, Ashcraft)

Winter 2013

ENVS0700D-W13 Senior Work (Ashcraft)

Fall 2012

ENVS0380A-F12 Seminar (Ashcraft)
ENVS0390A-F12 Lecture (Ashcraft)
ENVS0500N-F12 Independent Study (Ashcraft)
ENVS0700N-F12 Senior Work (Ashcraft)
PSCI0390A-F12 Lecture (Ashcraft)

Fall 2011

ENVS0390A-F11 Lecture (Ashcraft)
ENVS0401A-F11 Lecture (Ashcraft, Munroe)
PSCI0390A-F11 Lecture (Ashcraft)