Writing Chns & Character Pedag

This is a core graduate course for teaching Chinese as a foreign language focuses on cultivating the practical skills necessary to teach Chinese characters.
The course objectives are as follows:
1. Students will gain a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the nature and characteristics of Chinese characters, the formation and development of Chinese characters, the structure of Chinese characters, the evolution of Chinese characters, the theory of Chinese character structure, the simplification and arrangement of current Chinese characters, and the characters' relationship with the Chinese language. Students will master the basic theoretical knowledge of Chinese characters so as to improve the ability to understand, analyze and use Chinese characters.
2. Students will understand the factors affecting Chinese character teaching, mastering the basic theory of Chinese character teaching, and cultivate the ability to combine Chinese character construction theory and Chinese character teaching theory to analyze problems in Chinese character teaching.
3. Students will understand the principles, methods, key points and difficulties of Chinese character teaching, especially in regard to cultivating graduate students' practical ability to teach Chinese characters to language learners.
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CHNS 6609

All Sections in Summer 2024 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2024 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

CHNS6609A-L24 Lecture (Li)