Culture and L2

Culture and L2
Culture —a word with a complicated definition— is one of the most important curricular elements, although its importance for communicative efficacy or for increasing the linguistic level of L2/E learners is not always understood. The intention of this course is to prepare the attendees to understand the cultural dimension and design activities for the specific or integrated work of culture in L2. Among others, it is intended to answer questions such as: what do we understand by language?, what do we understand by communication?, what is the work of the L2/E teacher?, what do we understand by culture?, is it a content or a competence?, what is its function within communication?, what is the role of culture in identity?, what happens with identity and learning in L2/E?, why teach culture in L2/ E?, can we give up doing it?... and if not, how to teach and learn culture in L2/E? Attendees are warned that the study of culture always entails a rethinking of identity and one's own beliefs, therefore, a flexible, open and undogmatic attitude towards one's own and others' beliefs is essential. (1 unit)
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SPAN 6696

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Summer 2024 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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