Japanese for Prof Purposes

This course is designed for students to develop advanced communication skills including office manners unique to Japanese work environments. Professional Japanese work environments have a unique practices when compared with academic and even every-day interactions. Students will review their knowledge about intermediate to advanced-level Japanese language expressions and structures and will explore how the use complex grammatical structures such as causative and passive, keigo (the polite Japanese) and kanji, in work environments can influence the dynamics of work environments. Students will also be guided to expand their knowledge of cultural perspectives that are unique to Japanese society in office work environments. Classroom instruction is conducted in Japanese and will focus on enhancing students’ advanced language skills by covering a variety of current topics in education, politics, science, technology, business, and industry.
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JAPN 5608

All Sections in Fall 2023, Japanese MA Hybrid

Fall 2023, Japanese MA Hybrid

JAPN5608A-F23 Lecture (Tabuse)