Recent Migrations ArgentineSoc

Recent Migrations in Argentine Society: between cultural diversity and discrimination
* This course is taught in Buenos Aires, Argentina. *

This course aims to analyze the experience of millions of immigrants who settled in Argentine from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st. For this, the characteristics of the different migratory waves of long and/or recent residence in the country, European, American, Asian and African, as well as their impact on the local society, will be addressed. In this sense, it is proposed to explore the processes transited by the different currents, the welcome ones and the unwelcome ones, the hegemonic policies that favored or limited their immigration and/or integration as well as to investigate the ways of conceiving the argentinity and of discriminating between the "own" and the "foreign" in the plural Argentine society.
As the study of migrations is one of the phenomena that has given rise to numerous debates, we will also try to examine the approaches and perspectives that prevailed during the 20th century and/or prevail today, paying special attention to notions such as melting pot, diasporas, cultural diversity, interculturality, racism, discrimination and xenophobia. (1 unit)
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Summer 2023 Language Schools, Buenos Aires 6 Week Session

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