Teaching Material Dev/Analysis

"In this course, we will analyze and evaluate Japanese teaching materials, discussing how to use each type of material effectively in and outside of class. You will also learn how to develop teaching materials for your own class and use them effectively in your teaching. You will do the following in the course:
1. Analyze various teaching materials (textbooks, supplemental materials, reference books, web materials, etc.), and investigate what students can learn from each material, out of the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) and culture. You will evaluate each teaching material’s appropriateness and effectiveness.
2. Think of your ideal class, set goals, and learn how to select teaching materials in line with those goals, as well as how to use your chosen materials effectively in class. Also, learn how to adapt teaching materials you have been instructed to use to match your own class.
3. Learn how to develop your own teaching materials in line with your ideal class and the goals you set.
4. Conduct teaching demonstrations using the materials you developed and evaluate each other’s teaching performance, discussing good points, issues, and areas for improvement.
Classroom instruction is conducted in Japanese to enhance student's Japanese proficiency. Rigorous participation in class discussion, an oral report, written assignments of teaching material design and analysis of teaching materials, and teaching demonstration will be required."
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JAPN 6695

All Sections in Summer 2023 Language Schools, 2-week SoH Session 3

Summer 2023 Language Schools, 2-week SoH Session 3

JAPN6695A-L23 Lecture (Oka)