Second Lang Acquisition Theory

I.This course introduces major issues and relevant theories in second language acquisition (SLA) with a focus on learning of Japanese as a second language (L2) and the basic principles in research design. The objectives of this course are (a) to provide an overview of major research paradigms in SLA; (b) to familiarize students with methodologies used in current SLA research; (c) to help students critically examine empirical SLA studies; and (d) to help students formulate testable research questions and design a valid study. Students will write a research proposal for the term project. II.Students are expected to develop competences in the following areas: (a) critically reviewing empirical SLA studies and obtaining insights into issues addressed in current SLA research; (b) identifying L2 learning problems and formulating legitimate research questions; (c) designing a realistic study and transforming it into research actions; (d) providing clear justification of and rationale for the proposed study; and (e) clarifying the theoretical contributions of the proposed study and determining pedagogical recommendations based on research findings. Rigorous participation in class discussion, an oral report, written assignments, library research, and a term project (i.e., writing a research proposal) will be required.
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JAPN 6696

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Summer 2023 Language Schools, 2-week SoH Session 1

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