Women through their Writing

History of Women through their Writings
In this course through the reading of text written by women --diaries, autobiographies, and letters-- we will examine the process of construction of gender identity at various stages of history and the perception that women had of their own situation. Emphasis will be given to women writers from Spain and Latin America who were in the vanguard and were teachers or vising lecturers at the Spanish School in Middlebury. Colleagues such as Gabriela Mistral, Concha Espina, Margot Arce, Sofia Novoa, Isabel Garcia Lorca, Gloria de los Rios among others. (1 unit) Required text: A selection of excerpts from the following texts and authors available in electronic form at Middlebury: Concha Espina, Singladuras; viaje americano (Madrid: Compañía Ibero-Americana de Publicaciones, 1932); Isabel García Lorca, Recuerdos míos (Barcelona: Tusquets, 2002); Gabriela Mistral, Victoria Ocampo, Esta América nuestra. Correspondencia 1926-1956. Introducción y notas Elizabeth Horan y Doris Meyer (Buenos Aires: El cuenco de plata, 2007); Jaime Salinas, Travesías: memorias (1925-1955) (Barcelona: Tusquets, 2003); Roberto Véguez in the Green Mountains of LIT Vermont. Spanish and Latin American Exiles in the School of Spanish at Middlebury College (1937-1963), http://schoolofspanish.middcreate.net/centennial/book/index.
This course is cross-listed with Literature.
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