Senior Independent Work

Senior Independent Work
After completing FMMC 0700, seniors may be approved to complete the project they developed during the previous Fall semester by registering for this independent course during the Winter Term, typically supervised by their faculty member from FMMC 0700. Students will complete an independent project in a choice of medium and format, as outlined on the departmental website. This course does not count toward the required number of credits for majors, but is required to be considered for departmental honors. In exceptional cases, students may petition to complete their projects during Spring semester.
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FMMC 0707

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Winter 2023

FMMC0707A-W23 Senior Work
FMMC0707B-W23 Senior Work (Ngaiza)
FMMC0707D-W23 Senior Work (Uricaru)
FMMC0707E-W23 Senior Work (Houghton)
FMMC0707F-W23 Senior Work (Keathley)
FMMC0707G-W23 Senior Work (Mittell)
FMMC0707H-W23 Senior Work (Stein)
FMMC0707I-W23 Senior Work (Miranda Hardy)