Services for Student Develpmnt

Services for Student Development

This course uses student development theories related to intrapersonal, psychosocial, and cognitive growth as frameworks for examining professional practice in the U.S. higher education context. An emphasis on theories related to identity and interpersonal development centers the course on student support practices related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Course work is designed as applied practice for holistic development of all students in the higher education student service domains including; Records, Financial Aid, Admissions/Enrollment Management, Academic Advising, Career Services, Health Center, Counseling Center, Residential Life, Student Affairs, Employment Office, Judicial Affairs, Alumni Relations, etc.

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IEMG 8625

All Sections in Fall 2021 - MIIS, MIIS Second Half of Term

Fall 2021 - MIIS, MIIS Second Half of Term

IEMG8625A-F21 Lecture (Wick)