Oral Production& Pronunciation

Oral Production & Pronunciation
This course is designed to improve oral communication and pronunciation of Modern Standard French for advanced-level students. Through a variety of activities, students will improve their phonetic production (focus on vowels, consonants, cadence, nasalization, liaison, elision, intonation, Phonetic Alphabet) while developing vocabulary and the capacity to express ideas in a myriad of functional settings. Topics may include French culture, current events (from French-language newspapers, magazines, and TV programs), travel, music, and sports.
Required text:
• Elodie HEU-BOULHAT, et al, Édito : Méthode de français. Niveau B2, 3rd Edition. Les Éditions Didier: Paris, 2015. ISBN: 978-2-278-08116-5. Note: This is an electronic version. The access code includes student textbook, interactive workbook, and audio and visual files.
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FREN 3402

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