Immersive Journalism

Power, Privilege, and Politics in Immersive Journalism
Immersive journalism has perhaps never been more essential, but is full of ethical and practical landmines. How do journalists respectfully tell stories about places unfamiliar to them? How does one engage with vulnerable communities and earn the trust of both sources and readers? In this course we will study journalism ethics and delve into controversies old and new. Readings will include works by Adrienne Nicole Leblanc, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Luis Alberto Urrea, Nikole Hannah-Jones, and Susan Sontag among others. Students will craft a “pitch,” write a profile and be profiled by a classmate, and undertake an ambitious reporting project. By engaging in ethical debate and workshopping assignments, students will emerge as more sophisticated writers and readers of journalism.
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CRWR 1010

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Winter 2021

CRWR1010A-W21 Lecture (Markham, Crane-Murdoch)