Refugee & Migration Studies
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This course aims to explain the main concepts, models, theories, motives, measurement, classification and consequences concerning the study of migration and refugees and to analyze their relevance for the study of migration and refugees in the Middle East and in particular Jordanian society. The course aims also to demonstrate the historical and contemporary implications of migration and the presence of refugees and IDPs in Jordan and to use the Jordanian example to explain and exemplify living conditions and strategies for identity formation among refugees and migrants and the reciprocal effects between refugees and the hosting society, including economic, social, demographic and political dimensions. The course will describe and analyze the durable solutions for refugees.
The course will include two integrated parts; the first is lectures given in the class room which will mainly depend on secondary sources and published research, reinforced by homework and assignments given to the students. The second part, which will comprise roughly 40% of overall semester hours, will take the form of an informal internship, for example:
a) volunteer work at an organization concerned with refugees
b) a service project with or concerning refugees
c) observation, shadowing, and research at a local NGO
The final research project will include a reflection and analysis of the student’s service work or individual research and how it fits into the bigger picture.
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