Violence & Memory in Lat Amer

Violence and Memory in Latin America
In this course we will study –and compare-- cultural and human responses to state terrorism, genocide, war and other forms of violence perpetrated by Latin American states since the 1960´s. Departing from the notion that considers genocide as “a social practice” (Feierstein, 2007), the course aims at analyzing the multifold ways in which Latin American societies (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, México, Perú) gave response to the complex issues of violence, memory and its subjective and social dimension through artistic creation.
The course aims at focusing in the production of cultural artifacts that can be thought as discursive practices that bear witness to their historical and cultural horizon (Felman, 1991). We will focus in the analysis of literature, film and art in order to discuss not only the impact of trauma and the legacy of memory, but also how to envision literature, film and art as productive experiences to reconstruct selves and societies. (1 unit)
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Summer 2020 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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