Sight and Sound II

Sight and Sound II
In this course students will work in teams to produce several short films, having the opportunity to take turns at fulfilling all the essential crew positions: director, producer, cinematographer, production sound mixer, editor, and sound designer. We will emphasize thorough pre-production planning, scene design, cinematography, working with actors, and post production —including color correction and sound mixing. The critical dialogue established in FMMC 0105 Sight and Sound I will be extended and augmented with readings and screenings of outstanding independently produced work. Obtain application on FMMC website online and submit prior to the start of registration.(Approval-required; FMMC 0105). Obtain application from the FMMC website and submit prior to the start of registration. Priority given to FMMC majors. 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab.
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