Written and Spoken Italian

Written and Spoken Italian

The course will concentrate specifically on grammar and style. Through analysis of various grammatical components, the student will acquire greater comprehension of Italian language and its varied uses. This study will be supplemented by reading and analyzing texts by great authors of Italian literature with attention to linguistic structure and stylistic themes. The student will also be required to write essays in which they will demonstrate their understanding of textual analysis and linguistic interpretation. The course aims to supply students with the tools to find their voice in spoken and written Italian while utilizing extraordinary examples from Italian Literature. (2 Hours - one credit) - Course required for all new graduate students.*
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ITAL 6503

All Sections in Summer 2017 Language Schools, Mills 6 Week Session

Summer 2017 Language Schools, Mills 6 Week Session

ITAL6503A-L17 Lecture (Capecchi)