Pedagogy of Learning French

Pedagogy of Learning French: Innovating and Motivating

This course is intended for people interested in the teaching of French as a second/ foreign language, for young children, adolescents and adults.
We will focus on:
- how to integrate recent research on oral and intercultural communication in French, relationships between spoken and written aspects of the language and the corresponding new approach of phonetics as a basis to develop oral and written abilities
- how to create interactive and motivating activities, using audio, video and written authentic materials in order to facilitate the learning of oral and written French (with an emphasis on materials collected during the Paris session)
- how to analyze and improve certain parts of methods ready to use in class
- how to analyze and help improve pronunciation of students.
The program will be adjusted according to the experience and the needs of the participants.
Photocopied class reading material and assignment documents will be given in class, or sent via email as the session progresses.
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FREN 6797F

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Summer 2017 Language Schools, Paris 6 Week Session