Senior Independent Study

Senior Independent Study
In this course, seniors complete an independent research or creative project on a topic pertinent to the relationship between humans and the environment. During the term prior to enrolling in ENVS 0700, a student must discuss and agree upon a project topic with a faculty advisor who is appointed in or affiliated with the Environmental Studies Program and submit a brief project proposal to the Director of Environmental Studies for Approval. The expectations and any associated final products will be defined in consultation with the faculty advisor. Students may enroll in ENVS 0700 as a one-term independent study OR up to twice as part of a multi-term project, including as a lead-up to ENVS 0701 (ES Senior Thesis) (Senior standing; Approval only)
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ENVS 0700

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Spring 2017

ENVS0700B-S17 Senior Work (Sheldon)
ENVS0700C-S17 Senior Work (Andres)
ENVS0700D-S17 Senior Work (Elder)
ENVS0700E-S17 Senior Work (Isham)
ENVS0700F-S17 Senior Work (Trombulak)
ENVS0700G-S17 Senior Work (Klyza)
ENVS0700H-S17 Senior Work (Gould)
ENVS0700I-S17 Senior Work (Stoll)
ENVS0700J-S17 Senior Work (Ryan)
ENVS0700K-S17 Senior Work (Lloyd)
ENVS0700L-S17 Senior Work (Morse)
ENVS0700M-S17 Senior Work (Wolfson)
ENVS0700N-S17 Senior Work (Fuentes-George)
ENVS0700O-S17 Senior Work (Bain)
ENVS0700Q-S17 Senior Work (Baker-Medard)
ENVS0700R-S17 Senior Work (McKibben)
ENVS0700S-S17 Senior Work (Costanza-Robinson)
ENVS0700T-S17 Senior Work (Tropp)
ENVS0700U-S17 Senior Work (Brayton)
ENVS0700V-S17 Senior Work (Lapin)
ENVS0700W-S17 Senior Work (Landis)
ENVS0700X-S17 Senior Work (Muller)
ENVS0700Y-S17 Senior Work (Shaw)
ENVS0700Z-S17 Senior Work (McCauley)