21C SA Narrative: Short Novel

Twenty-First Century Spanish American Narrative: The Short Novel

This course explores the renewed interest in the genre of the short novel displayed by many of the major authors of early 21st-Century Spanish American narrative. We will discuss the various definitions and debates about the short novel genre, as well as the common artistic traits and concerns shared by the most recent Spanish American fiction writers. Authors to be read include César Aira, Mario Bellatin, Roberto Bolaño, Carmen Boullosa, Diamela Eltit, Santiago Gamboa, Rita Indiana Hernández, Yuri Herrera, and Valeria Luiselli. (1 unit)

Required texts:
-César Aira, Cómo me hice monja (Literatura Random House, 2013) (ISBN: 9788439702238)
-Mario Bellatin, Salón de belleza (Editorial Tusquets, 2001) (ISBN: 9788483101421)
-Carmen Boullosa, Rita Indiana Hernandez, La estrategia de Chochueca (Editorial Isla Negra, 2003) (ISBN: 978-1932271171)
-Yuri Herrera, Trabajos del reino (Editorial Periférica, 2011) ( ISBN: 978-8492865055)
-Valeria Luiselli, Los ingrávidos (Editorial Sexto Piso, 2012) (ISBN: 978-8496867895).
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