Image of West in Russ Hist/Cul

Images of the West in Russian History and Culture, 18th – 21st Centuries

This course will focus on one of the key problems of Russian history – Russia’s desire to enter Europe on equal footing and completely retain its identity and uniqueness. Our analysis will begin with the 18th century, as that is when this goal was identified as a foreign policy priority. The course will end with contemporary developments, as Russia finds itself once again in opposition to the European community, though some Russians, as always, see themselves as part of Europe.

To evaluate this issue, we will focus on culture and national-cultural psychology. We will read texts and discuss issues that deal with how European values have affected Russian identity and the role that Russia has played in the development of the European community.
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RUSS 6682

All Sections in Summer 2016 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2016 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

RUSS6682A-L16 Lecture (Logunov)