Europe: Past, Present & Future

In 2015 many events have threatened the unity of Europe. For some analysts, the unity of Europe won’t last very long. For some others, this crisis could be a new start to strengthen the links between the members of the EU. This is why it is now necessary to study the state of Europe today in order to answer those questions.
The idea of this course is very simple. To understand the present state of Europe, we must know what happened in the past and this will also allow us to consider some possible evolutions for the EU.
The course will be divided in three parts. First, the past: what were the main evolutions of Europe from Antiquity to World War Two. This broad historical perspective will explain how the unity of Europe made its way through history. Second, the history of European unity from the treaty of Rome to the present. Third, we will focus on the economic, geopolitical and political problems of Europe (Ukraine, Greece, the refugee crisis, globalization). This point will help us to give some hints of its future.
The students do not need to have previous knowledge of the subject. They will be evaluated on oral presentation and on two exams in class as well as on a research paper.

Required texts :
- François de TEISSIER, Gilles BAUDIER, La construction de l’Europe, ISBN : 978-2-13-063269-6
- Jean-Paul BETBEZE, Jean-Dominique GIULIANANI, Les 100 mots de l’Europe, ISBN : 978-2-13-058143-7
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Summer 2016 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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