Israeli Tourism
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Traveling in (and out of) the Holy Land: Israeli Tourism
Tourism is one of the most salient cultural phenomena in the post-World War II era and a main feature of modern life. In this course we will approach tourism from the Israeli perspective. Located at the juncture of Asia, Africa, and Europe and the birthplace of the three monotheistic religions, "The Holy Land", is an important site of pilgrimage and tourism. The diverse landscapes, pleasant weather, varied ethnic mosaic, Middle Eastern cuisine, and vibrant night life further contribute to the country's appeal. Yet Israel is also a hotspot of political disputes and the site of one of the longest standing conflicts of our era, scaring away many tourists, yet attracting others—interested in different kinds of "dark-tourism". Israelis themselves are big travelers, roaming the world individually and on tour-groups, carrying along their cultural traits and behavioral patterns. The lectures and readings for this course will outline the contemporary social theory of tourism and will analyze touristic practices in and of Israel and the Israelis. (Anthropology)
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