Teach Ital: Theory, Apps, Tech

Teaching Italian: Theoretical Principles, Practical Applications, and New Technologies for Effective Material Development and Classroom Practice
(For DML candidates, advanced graduate students and teachers)

NOTE: this is a 2-unit course that meets 3-hours per day

The course focuses both on the main theoretical principles and practical applications of teaching methodology and instructional technology for the teaching of Italian as Foreign Language (IFL). During the methodology section of the course, participants will be exposed to the main language teaching methodologies and classroom practices. This may include: the analysis of different approaches to course and syllabus design, the development of specific lesson plans, the integration of task-based instruction, and the assessment practices with the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. During the technology section of the course, students will develop critical skills for a meaningful integration of instructional technologies into their teaching/learning of Italian. After conducting a review of instructional technologies available for learning and teaching foreign languages, students will be guided to analyze the opportunities and constraints in using specific technologies for Italian as Foreign Language instruction. Active and collaborative participation in the course activities is required and students will be encouraged to conduct readings, engage in face-to-face and online discussions, develop lesson plans, observe language classes, prepare task-based activities, and conduct technology-enhanced projects and teaching demonstrations.

Required Texts:
- Balboni E., Margiotta U. (2012) Formare online i docenti di lingue e italiano L2. Utet (ISBN 8860081998)
- Diadori, P. (2010). Insegnare italiano a stranieri, Le Monnier. (ISBN: 88008604190)
- Pichiassi, M. (2007). Apprendere l'italiano L2 nell'era digitale - Le nuove tecnologie nell'insegnamento e apprendimento dell'italiano per stranieri. Edizioni Guerra - Soleil (ISBN 8855700626)
- Serragiotto, G. (2009). Sillabo di riferimento per la formazione degli insegnanti di italiano a stranieri. Venezia: Cafoscarina (ISBN 9788875432409). Available online at: http://arca.unive.it/bitstream/10278/1237/1/SerragiottoR.pdf
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ITAL 6795

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Summer 2015 Language Schools, Mills 6 Week Session

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