Int Conversation & Expression

Intermediate Conversation & Metaphorical Expression

The objective of this course is to help students practice their conversational skills as well as their listening comprehension, oral expression and to begin to acquire a metaphorical understanding in Italian, while reinforcing the intricate linguistic competence, vocabulary, and grammatical structures they must possess in order to decipher and produce various verbal codes and interact in the Italian socio-cultural context. Group discussions, role-play, visual, and written text analysis from a variety of sources, in-class oral presentation of specific topics will allow students to engage with language in meaningful contexts.

Required Texts: A course pack will be prepared by the instructor.

* Students are also required to participate in Attualita’ e dintorni and in the workshops offered in the evening for this level.
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ITAL 3306

All Sections in Summer 2015 Language Schools, Mills 7 Week Session

Summer 2015 Language Schools, Mills 7 Week Session

ITAL3306A-L15 Lecture (D'Amanda)