Vocal Techniques Italian Opera

Vocal Techniques and Stagecraft in Italian Opera and Chamber Music

NOTE: this is a three-week course in session one (June 27 - July 18).

Through individual and group lessons students will learn respiration techniques for singing, as well as Italian phonetic vocalization, since these form the bases of Italian Opera. Study will focus on the techniques, the materials, the direction and the production in Italian Opera and Chamber Music, as well as the theories and techniques involved in scenography and stagecraft. Students will also study passages from operatic repertoire of G. Donizetti, G. Rossini, G. Verdi e G. Puccini, and V. Bellini, R. Leoncavallo and in addition W.A. Mozart’s and G.F. Haendel’s Italian operatic repertoire.

Required Texts:

Antonio Juvarra. Il canto e le sue tecniche. Ed. Ricordi
Sergio Catoni, Franco Viciani. Il canto lirico nella tradizione italiana. Ed Orpheus
Maria Callas. Lezioni di Canto alla Julliard School of Music. Ed. Longanesi
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ITAL 6613

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Summer 2015 Language Schools, LS 3 Week Session I

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