Italian Literature Today

Italian Literature Today: From the Post-Modern to New Realism

NOTE: this is a three-week course in session two (July 19 - August 7).

The course aims to illustrate the panorama of Italian literature today, from the so-called "reflusso" and the turn to Postmodernism in the eighties and nineties which marked the absolute primacy of hermeneutics, to the current trend of New Realism, which has presented in the last decade signs of a new approach to reality, of a return to the search for an absolute truth which springs from strong ethical foundations.

Required Text: Letteratura italiana d’oggi. Dal Postmoderno al
Nuovo realismo
: G. Tellini, Firenze, 2015 (materiale di lavoro che sarà consegnato in PDF a tutti gli iscritti al corso).
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Summer 2015 Language Schools, LS 3 Week Session II

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