Technology Enhanced Lang Learn

Technology Enhanced Language Learning

This course explores the use of new technologies applied to the enhancement of student learning in the Spanish classroom. The course seeks to familiarize participants with classroom applications and digital pedagogy of TELL including Computer-Meditated-Learning (CML): technology-based instruction and computer-tutorials, as well as Computer-Mediated-Communication (CMC): blog, wikis, email, chat, and web forums. As a final project, students will develop a pedagogical project for appropriately integrating technology into their own instructional approach. (1 unit)

Required text: Gerardo Arrarte Carriquiry, Las tecnologías de la información en la enseñanza del español (Arco Libros, 2011) (ISBN 9788476358245); also electronic material provided at Middlebury.
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SPAN 6694

All Sections in Summer 2015 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2015 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

SPAN6694A-L15 Lecture (Isabelli)