Globalization of the Mafia

The course aims to provide the basic knowledge to interpret the phenomena of organized crime. It defines patterns, characteristics, norms, myths, symbols and languages and offers a reading of their evolution as a function of globalization and new technologies, starting with Lucky Luciano to the present day. In particular, we will study criminal activities with reference to drug trafficking and trade routes (Caribbean, Atlantic and transoceanic), the economic outlook favored by old and new recycling techniques (casino, internet, financial institutions, and other commercial activities), joint-ventures with interactions and strategic alliances between various criminal groups, especially in the Americas, and communication systems based on languages that are increasingly sophisticated.

Required Texts:
Dire e non dire, di Nicola Gratteri e Antonio Nicaso, Mondadori, Milano, 2012. ISBN 978-88-04-62306-9
Quando la mafia trovò l'America, Salvatore Lupo, Einaudi, Torino, 2008, ISBN 978-88-06-18598-5
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ITAL 6721

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Summer 2014 Language Schools, Mills 6 Week Session

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