Mediterranean:Religion & Peace

Religions, Peace and Security in the Mediterranean Region

The longest non-resolved armed conflict of the XXth century, and probably of the XXIth century, is in the Mediterranean Region. It is not about a tension or about a dispute between two countries, but rather about a conflict among many countries of the region. The advent of the Arab Spring permits a new glance at the democratization of the Arab societies and their commitment (or not) to an inter-religious and inter-state long-term peace. In this context, we will first examine the various stages of the diverse conflicts and their evolution in the Middle East region. Secondly, by studying resolutions of the UN concerning these issues, we will analyze the experiences, the challenges and their implications for international relations, including the U.S. Finally, we shall observe the complexities of connections between the religious and cultural minorities within these Mediterranean countries.

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FREN 6650

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Summer 2014 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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