Theater of Fo and Rame

The Incomparable Theater of Dario Fo and Franca Rame

In this course particular attention will be paid to the different artistic personalities
of Fo and Rame and the specific contribution of each to their rich theatrical production, characterized by intelligent comedy and strong social commitment. The influence of ancient and modern Italian comic traditions and features of the new epic and political theater, central aspects of Fo’s and Rame’s work, will be also covered. These features will be studied not only through Fo’s farcical comedy, but also through the female characters played by Rame. Screenings of some significant moments in this artistic collaboration will be shown to deepen students’ understanding of how the couple created and influenced poetic drama and narrative theater. The performance experience of the instructor, as writer and actress, will also enable students to gain an understanding from “within” theatrical language and a better critical approach to the pieces presented.
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ITAL 6655

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Summer 2014 Language Schools, Mills 6 Week Session

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