Spanish &Latin American Poetry

This class studies poetry written in Latin America between 1830 and 2010 (from the independence days to the present). One of the objectives is to develop the interpretative and analytical capacity of students in reference to poetic language. It focuses in the study of rhetorical strategies which were considered radical for their times and which impose a formal rapture with the poetry of their times. This class studies the different tendencies of lyrical writing which develop during the historical period indicated such as poesía gauchesca Romanticism, Modernismo, and avant-garde. It also studies the most recent original aesthetic practices among which include neobaroque, language poetry, and cyber textual poetry. Among the theoretical topics to be included figure: modernization, off the margin lyrical writing, paratactic/avant-gardes, neo/modernity, and trans-territorialization. The class will give priority to those poems that challenge the active participation of reason and logical linear thinking. (1 unit)
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SPAN 6688

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Summer 2014 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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