Language in Africana Studies

Language Learning in Africana Studies: From Colonial to Global
The interdisciplinary studies of Africa and the African Diaspora intersect within the study of Africana. What role did language learning have in the development of these fields? Why is Swahili the most studied African language outside of Africa? In this course we will consider the impact of colonial linguistics on the transnational study of Africa and its Diaspora, as well as the linguistic diversity of these contexts. We will also examine the general diffusion of Swahili through Africana studies programs worldwide, from Mexico and Russia to India, the U.S., and Botswana. In discussing the place of language study in our personal explorations of Africana, we will consider the value of primary resources in the languages of Africa and its Diaspora, and critically assess the future of Africana studies. Swahili-speaking students will review supplemental primary sources in Swahili. 3 hrs. sem.
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