Intro to Hispanic Linguistics

Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

This course is offered as a regular class instead of 6502 for students with high level in the placement exam. It will serve as an introduction to the basic concepts of Hispanic linguistics in order to provide a better understanding of the linguistic courses along the mastery. This class covers several topics relative to different areas of the discipline: phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, historical linguistics (Spanish language changes), the Spanish linguistic variation, and sociolinguistic issues. The course will have not only a theoretical dimension but also a practical orientation with exercises designed to improve the comprehension of all these subjects (1 unit)

Required text: José Ignacio Hualde, Introducción a la Lingüística Hispánica (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2ª ed. 2010) (ISBN: 978-0521513982).
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SPAN 6503

All Sections in Summer 2013, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2013, LS 6 Week Session

SPAN6503A-L13 Lecture (Gomez Asencio)
SPAN6503B-L13 Lecture (Gutierrez Araus)