Intro to Spanish Phonetics

Introduction to Spanish Phonetics

This course introduces students to fundamental notions of Spanish phonetics. The course has two main components: (1) the first component includes an articulatory description of the Spanish sounds in an phonetic context; and, (2) the second component is of a practical nature, and has as its goal the elimination of foreign accent in the students' Spanish. (1 unit)

Required texts: Armin Schwegler, Juergen Kempff, A. Ameal-Guerra, Fonética y fonología españolas (Wiley & Sons, 4th ed., 2010); Terrell Morgan, Los sonidos en contexto: una introducción a la fonética del español con referencia a la vida real (Yale University Press, 2009).

Reference book available at the college library: Carlos Piñeros, Estructuras de los sonidos del español (Pearson, 2008).
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SPAN 6715

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Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

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