Mod Periods Mediterranean Civ

La méditerranée dans le monde actuel / Modern Periods of Mediterranean Civilization

"The Mediterranean occupies an important place in the 20th century as it has been involved in the two world wars and it is still the centre of the major conflicts of the second part of the 20th century. Today the major powers are aware that world peace cannot be reached if the Mediterranean conflicts are not settled. This is why France and Europe have the aim of stabilizing a region through “l’Union pour la méditerranée” which was launched in 2008. The course will give a large overview of the geopolitical problems of the region since 1945. We will study all the countries around the Mediterranean and we will examine the major conflicts of the Near East. And we will see how Europe and France can become major actors in the region. No previous knowledge required.

Required text:Histoire de la Méditerranée,Jean Carpentier, Francois Lebrun, editions Seuil 2006. ISBN 978-2-02-051913-7

N.B Students who choose section A can validate their credits in methodology (equivalent to 6525).

Besides regular credits this course may also count for one unit (i.e. 3 credits) in the M.A. in Mediterranean Studies program
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FREN 6692

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Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

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