Teaching with Technology

Teaching Language and Culture with Technology / Enseigner la langue et culture avec la technologie

"N.B. This course meets from July 5 to July 26 , 2 hours per day*.

This course is for current or future teachers who are interested in integrating technology into their language classes.

Participants will:
- read a variety of articles and get an overview of current research on technology and language pedagogy.
- explore various technological tools and see what pedagogical objectives they can best support.
- examine different models (websites and projects developed with specific pedagogical objectives in mind), and analyze their approach and methodology.
- reflect on the specific role of the teacher, and see how technology can be used to increase student interaction in the classroom.

There will be a mix of presentations, discussions, and hands-on projects. Work will be done individually and in group, and will take into account the particular teaching context of participants.
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FREN 6688

All Sections in Summer 2012, LS 3 Week Session I

Summer 2012, LS 3 Week Session I

FREN6688A-L12 Lecture (Levet)