Soviet Music- Russian Show Bus

From the Soviet Music Industry to Russian Show-Business

The existence of popular music in the USSR presents a peculiar case that begins with the all-mighty Union of composers, the state recording monopoly 'Melodiia', ideological guidance from the communist party and komsomol, and strict control in the media. Over the transitional period of perestroika and glasnost this was transformed into a version of western-style media, presenting some rather unique showbusiness elements, but in a heavily mutated form, containing some rather unique elements - both in musical styles and management. Social, economic and culturological aspects of the Russian pop industry will be illustrated by portraits of typical well-known performers, their songs and videos. Issues covered in the course will include piracy, censorship and musical media policy. Students will write frequent short essays on related topics of their preference.
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RUSS 6669

All Sections in Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

RUSS6669A-L12 Lecture (Troitskiy)