Italian Narrative 1990-Present

The Italian Narrative of the last 20 years: Height and Decline of Postmodernism

This course provides an overview of the principal tendencies reflected in the Italian novel over the past twenty years, looking only at acclaimed writers from this period. The 90s saw the peak of postmodernism while the following decade was marked by the so-called return to reality and commitment. The course illustrates this shift through examples from the two phases of literary culture, highlighting women writers and the literature of migration in particular.

Required Texts:
Romano Luperini, La fine del postmoderno, Guida 2005.
Roberto Saviano, Gomorra, Mondadori 2006
Igiaba Scego, La mia casa è dove sono, Rizzoli 2010.
Amara Lakhous, Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a piazza Vittorio, E/O 2006.
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ITAL 6709

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Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

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