The Actor's Body:ITAL Theater

Theatrical Performance in the Last Three Decades of Italian Theater: The Actor's Body

The intent of this course is to study the last intensive thirty years of contemporary Italian theater, a period marked by research, new tendencies and new schools of thought regarding performance and theater itself. The course will have a creative point of view by presenting the material not only historically but focusing on the centrality of the actor. In this manner many poetic and theatrical languages will be studied from the inside, thus uniting theory and the personal experience of the instructor as interpreter and author. Following this approach the course is divided in five parts with specific themes that provide a range of interpretations of theatrical expression and thought over the last three decades.

Required Texts:
Claudio Meldolesi. La terza vita di Leo. Edizione: TITIVILLUS. 2010
Gerardo Guccini (a cura di) La bottega dei narratori. Edizione: Dino
Audino Edizioni. 2005
Stefano Casi (a cura di) Non io nei giorni felici. Edizione: TITIVILLUS, 2010.
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ITAL 6687

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Summer 2012, LS 6 Week Session

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