Seminar in the New Testament
Paul and his Legacy

Seminar in the New Testament: Paul and his Legacy WT
The apostle Paul was one of the most important shapers of early Christianity. His letters to the communities he founded in cities throughout the Roman world comprise much of the New Testament. Paul was also one of the most controversial figures of early Christianity, embroiled in conflict wherever he went and the topic of intense debate ever since. This seminar will begin with an examination of Paul's theology, the organization of his mission, his relationship to Jews and Gentiles, and the conflicts that arose in the churches he founded. We will go on to examine Paul's legacy by reading responses to Paul in the early, medieval, reformation, and modern eras of the Christian tradition. The seminar will seek to balance concern with theological interpretation and historical method in analysis of the texts. (RELI 0180 or RELI 0281)
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