ES Senior Honors Work

Senior Honors Work
The final semester of a multi-semester research project on a topic pertinent to the relationship between humans and the environment. Students may enroll in ENVS 0700 only once. (Previous work would have been conducted as one or two semesters of an ENVS 0500 Independent Study project.) The project, carried out under the supervision of a faculty member, will result in a substantial piece of writing, and will be presented to other ENVS faculty and students in a public forum. (Senior standing; ENVS 0112, ENVS 0211, ENVS 0215, GEOG 0320, and ENVS 0500; Approval only)
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ENVS 0700

All Sections in Spring 2012

Spring 2012

ENVS0700B-S12 Senior Work (Sheldon)
ENVS0700C-S12 Senior Work (Andres)
ENVS0700E-S12 Senior Work (Isham)
ENVS0700F-S12 Senior Work (Trombulak)
ENVS0700G-S12 Senior Work (Klyza)
ENVS0700H-S12 Senior Work (Gould)
ENVS0700I-S12 Senior Work (Stoll)
ENVS0700J-S12 Senior Work (Ryan)
ENVS0700K-S12 Senior Work (Lloyd)
ENVS0700L-S12 Senior Work (Morse)
ENVS0700M-S12 Senior Work (Wolfson)
ENVS0700N-S12 Senior Work (Fuentes-George)
ENVS0700O-S12 Senior Work (Bain)
ENVS0700P-S12 Senior Work (Olsen)
ENVS0700R-S12 Senior Work (McKibben)
ENVS0700S-S12 Senior Work (Costanza-Robinson)
ENVS0700T-S12 Senior Work (Tropp)
ENVS0700U-S12 Senior Work (Brayton)
ENVS0700V-S12 Senior Work (Lapin)
ENVS0700X-S12 Senior Work (Muller)
ENVS0700Y-S12 Senior Work (Shaw)