Math/Science Contemp. Theatre

Mathematics and Science as Art in Contemporary Theatre
In Tom Stoppard’s Jumpers, philosopher George Moore employs a list of mathematical arguments to make his case for the existence of a moral God. George’s confused allusions to the paradoxes of Zeno and Bertrand Russell form an interesting backdrop to a host of moral questions that include an astronaut stranded on the moon, the installation of an atheist as Archbishop of Canterbury and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the dead body of George’s debating partner concealed in the next room. This is just one example of how acclaimed playwrights such as Tom Stoppard, Rinne Groff, Michael Frayn, and others have effectively explored mathematical and scientific themes for artistic purposes. Through readings and exercises, and by conducting labs and staging scenes, this class will gain some first-hand insight into the complementary ways in which science and art aim to seek out their respective truths.
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