Infor Tech in Tchng Japanese

Application of Information Technology in Teaching Japanese

This is an intensive three-week non-degree graduate course for pre-service and in-service teachers of Japanese as a foreign language. It is designed for practical application in language class, distinguishing itself from a mere software training course. Participants will improve their IT skills in order to enhance course management, development of off-line and interactive on-line materials. Training will be provided in a variety of areas including word processing, spread sheets, graphics editing and the use of digital photo, sound and video recording technology. Participants will survey various programs (educational software) and resources developed for Japanese language instruction, and will learn the use digital video for language teaching. They will also be introduced to a template-based authoring system (e.g., Hot Potatoes) to create interactive online exercises with video which will be deliverable on the web.

Participants will meet 3-4 hours daily and will have ample time for hands-on practice. In addition to daily assignments, they will complete a class project which involves the creation of web pages with sound and video. Classes will be conducted in Japanese. Since this course is offered as a part of the Japanese School, participants will have opportunities to observe language courses during the session.

Required Text: Nihongo kyoushi no tame no IT riterashii nyuumon Hatasa, Kazumi Kuroshio (Pub)

This course earns one Middlebury unit, or the equivalent of 3 credits.
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JAPN 6510

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Summer 2011, Japanese 3 Week Session

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