History & Evolution of Wine

The History and Evolution of Wine Culture

Wine is one of the last examples of a product that offers variety; for this reason many people have approached it not only as a source of pleasure but as an object of study. In Italy, as elsewhere in the world, a variety of classes, wine tastings, sponsored events, study tours and trips are offered year round to learn more about how wine is made. This course offers more than an understanding of organoleptic properties of wine. Wine is not just something to drink; it is poetry, science, a relationship with the land that produces it, education and civilization. This course starts with the history of wine production, from Greece to the present day. It will study the birth of wine in the Mediterranean culture and its present role. It will analyze its role in Italy's social and economic spheres, ecoogy, rural culture and will end with the history of wine tasting and its development in different coutnries, from manufacturers to consumers.
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ITAL 6590

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Summer 2011, LS 6 Week Session

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