Advanced Chinese I

Designed for students who have completed two years of college-level training in Chinese, this course aims to help students solidify their ability to comprehend and produce paragraph-level Chinese. It seeks to enable students to understand face-to-face conversations on most familiar topics, give factual accounts, read materials written in formal shumianyu Chinese, and write simple essays, reports, and all types of correspondence. Authentic materials, including newspaper, radio
The course is conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

Required texts: Bai J., et. al., Across the Straits, Cheng & Tsui Company; Bai J., Beyond Basics, Cheng & Tsui Company; Liu, Irene and Li, Xiaoqi, A Chinese Text for a Changing China, Cheng & Tsui Company.

Recommended Dictionaries: Deng, G., Ed., A New English-Chinese Dictionary, University of Washington Press; Deng, G., Ed., A New Chinese-English Dictionary, University of Washington Press.
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CHNS 3304

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CHNS3304A-L10 Lecture (Yao, Bao, Cao, Hou, Hsu, Li, Lian, Lu, Wang, Xie, Yi)