Applied Phonetics

Production orale et prononciation / Oral Production and Pronunciation

In this course, students will develop and perfect their oral production skills, by means of various original materials and through a wide array of challenging oral production activities. By working on the linguistic and socio-cultural dimensions of a variety of useful communicative speech situations, students will acquire and consolidate a more sophisticated and lasting proficiency in oral expression. Each class will include systematic work on pronunciation, carefully integrated into the program of the day or the week; practice and correction of French pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation through a wide array of oral exercises (discrimination, repetition, dialogues, in-situation activities...). In all aspects of the course, improving communicative ability will be the priority.


Charliac & Motron, Phonetique progressive du Français niveau intermédiaire (Paris, CLE International, 2007).

Phonétique Progressive du français, niveau intermédiaire, Lucine Charliac et Annie-Claude Motron

Triple CD Phonétique Progressive niveau intermédiaire, AUDIO, Lucine Charliac et Annie-Claude Motron

N.B. Initially, first-year graduate students will be placed in this course on the basis of their scores on the oral interview; although any remaining seats will be opened to other interested students, they should normally register in 6612.
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FREN 6514

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Summer 2010, LS 6 Week Session

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