Inorganic & Physical Chemistry

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Laboratory
In the first half of the semester we will conduct two multi-step synthesis and characterization projects. In the first we will synthesize a complex with a Mo-Mo quadruple bond, and in the second we will prepare a palladium catalyst and use it to carry out a Suzuki coupling reaction to make substituted biphenyls. Each one will take approximately three weeks. Both projects require use of inert atmosphere techniques and will involve characterization using UV/visible absorption spectroscopy, NMR spectroscopy, IR and cyclic voltammetry. In the second half of the semester we will conduct two physical chemistry experiments that will require a substantial amount of data analysis. First we will obtain the high-resolution infrared spectra of acetylene and deuterated acetylene and analyze some of the data to obtain structural parameters. Next we will follow the rapid reaction between iron(III) and thiocyanate using stopped-flow kinetics. (CHEM 0311 and CHEM 0351 and CHEM 0352; CHEM 0352 can be taken concurrently) 2 hrs. lect., 6 hrs. lab.
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CHEM 0312

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CHEM0312A-S10 Lecture (Larrabee, Choi)
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